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Al Falaky Mall – First Floor – Office No. 1

We Are Authorized Distributor
For Schneider Electric In Egypt


02 2390 22 89

Al Falaky Mall – First Floor – Office No. 1

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TechnoVision Co. Is A Leading Security Products in Egypt

Technovision company started from 7 year in downtown Cairo provides a highly range of security products and solutions. We have capabilities that help all resellers and all who work in surveillance technology field from small business to large enterprises. We worked hard every day to give our customers the most compelling security experience possible.



Hikvision ranked as No.1

highest global ranking  in the Top Security 50 this year


Product categories in Hikvision

Network Products – Turbo HD Products – Transmission – Video Intercom -Intelligent Traffic Products – Alarm Products – Accessories – Software –
Thermal Products
And more …


Total Revenue

2021 Hikvision accumulated a total revenue of RMB 55.63 billion RMB







Safe City – Traffic

Industrial Parks – Logistics Park

At Schneider, we call this Life IS ON

We develop innovative, connected technologies and solutions for safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.

Honeywell Video Systems

You can rely on Honeywell for the latest innovations to help you keep up with the IP video market. Because we’re your one-stop shop for sales, support and service, you can rest assured that an IP solution backed by Honeywell will be easier to install and maintain. We make sure the products you choose will work the first time – and work together. Trust us to be the only source you need for everything IP

Advantages of becoming
a customer of our company.


Customer Safety

It’s a sad truth that criminals often identify and take advantage of their victims while the victim’s attention is elsewhere. For example, they might steal from a customer’s car while the customer is inside. Or they may lift items from the customer’s backpack or purse while they shop.


Improve Employee Productivity

When consumers and staff alike feel safe, they are also able to work distraction-free. One of the least appreciated benefits of security cameras is their visibility. People can see that their space is under surveillance, and they relax. The result is a more comfortable, enjoyable customer experience.


Keep record

It is always a good idea to keep records of when your staff are coming into and checking out of your site, as well as when deliveries are made or visitors enter the building, so you can ensure everything’s running smoothly.


Professional Team

We are passionate about keeping your business or home secure, which is why our qualified team of CCTV specialists design full, bespoke systems that are tailored to each and every environment.

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